Custom Shopify theme with staff-managed lookbooks and a clean UX.

A company that truly kicked-off boho-chic fashion blogging before it was popular, Cleobella first reached out for technical consulting on migrating their increasingly popular WordPress blog over to Shopify in 2014.

We worked closely together on a site redesign, addressing internal pain-points, and developing custom lookbooks as well as a clean Shopify theme to meet their growing blog traffic.

The frontend code was written in 2014, most of which still is in production today (personally frightening to stare at 4-year old code but… it works!!)

Standing the test of time, this theme is showing some age (jquery) but functioning well even with very high volume sales and traffic. A completely custom theme and design (my first on Shopify), this project was my doorway to the Shopify ecosystem.

The lookbook is managed by staff within Shopify’s admin. I used a combination of Shopify’s native blogging engine coupled with custom metafields for their lookbook and press pages. Theme sections handle most of the other content, allowing them to fully manage their own content without dealing with code.

© 1993 Sean Orfila