Using MutationObserver to mimic AJAX in Shopify Themes

Using the Web API MutationObserver with JavaScript is super helpful for watching Shopify’s cart object in real time without needing a page refresh.

MutationObserver is a super handy tool in the front-ender’s toolbox – especially when it comes to Shopify themes. This is how I used it with the Streamline theme from Archetype – but it can certainly be applied to a bunch of other themes too.

Here’s how I created a countdown to free shipping using the Web API.

A Pure CSS Accordion for Shopify Pages

In web development, an accordion is something that expands on a user’s click.

Well hello there buddy... click on that there title one more time and fold this thing back up! Otherwise, here's a bunch more text that would go on and on til the break of dawn.

Here we are, reading placeholder, holding hands, together. Forever. And ever. And ever. And ever.


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