Using MutationObserver to mimic AJAX in Shopify Themes

Using the Web API MutationObserver with JavaScript is super helpful for watching Shopify’s cart object in real time without needing a page refresh.

MutationObserver is a super handy tool in the front-ender’s toolbox – especially when it comes to Shopify themes. This is how I used it with the Streamline theme from Archetype – but it can certainly be applied to a bunch of other themes too.

Here’s how I created a countdown to free shipping using the Web API.

We bought an obscure 90s van. Say Hello to the Ford Spectron.

The Internet. Yo Mtv Raps. The X-files. AOL. Bill Clinton… the 90s gifted us with amazing stuff – including this obscure 4WD right-hand drive diesel Ford Spectron.

In 1993 the Mazda Bongo was hot in Japan, and Ford Motors, with their majority ownership of Mazda during the 90s, badged the bongo with perhaps the most iconic 90s name in automotive history – The Spectron – and sold it for Japan’s domestic market.

A Pure CSS Accordion for Shopify Pages

In web development, an accordion is something that expands on a user’s click.

Well hello there buddy... click on that there title one more time and fold this thing back up! Otherwise, here's a bunch more text that would go on and on til the break of dawn.

Here we are, reading placeholder, holding hands, together. Forever. And ever. And ever. And ever.


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